Décor online - For Your home & business

Décor is an Irish company and dedicated to offering the very best of contemporary European furniture and lighting for your home and for your business.

We specialise in designer furniture and lighting that is Contract Standard so it is ideally suited to a busy family home and for commercial environments such as hotels, restaurants, bistros, bars and cafés.

Architects and Interior Designers can use our website as an extension to their own toolbox . Our images, swatches and diagrams can be used to produce unique concepts for clients.
Every year new ideas and design concepts are produced and we source our furniture and lighting from some of Europe's largest suppliers who use the best furniture and lighting architects and designers in the world. Our website is always up to date with our supplier's newest products and designs.

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Our Recent Reviews page to see some feedback from our customers and also Our Recent Projects to see our most recent clients and some images of recent installations.


We have an experienced Agent who will happily visit you and provide you with product samples and swatches. He can advise you of our quantity discount structure and discuss with you the best solutions for your project.

For Your Home

We believe that great design should be accessible to everyone and our pieces are perfectly suited to your home. We offer many different styles and finishes for every living space, whether it's for a formal dining-room, for the kitchen, in the office, an accent piece or for outdoor living. Our upholstered chairs come in over 100 different neutral and contemporary colours and textures.

We know that you want your furniture to always look good and that it needs to last. Therefore, all of our finishes are 'Contract Quality'. Our leathers, eco-leathers and fabrics used on the chairs have undergone rigorous testing for wear and are strong and hard-wearing. All of our fabrics are extremely durable and easily cleaned in particular Magic Eco-leather and Regenerated leather.

For Your Business

Our furniture and lighting is of exceptional quality and is 'Contract Standard'. All of our pieces are safe, strong and durable and ideally suited when providing seating and lighting for your customers, clients, employees and the general public.

Whatever your business is, we are happy to provide a competitive service to you and your clients. Some of our pieces are discounted when they are bought in larger quantities. Please lookout for the 'View Quantity Discounts' link that appears on some of our products.

Please call 01902 0320 for a competitive quote.

For Architects Interior Designers

We work closely with many architects and interior designers. As our furniture is made to order we can offer an extensive range of finishes and colours which is imperative when designing new and unique design concepts for your clients. We have carefully chosen the most outstanding pieces from Europe's best producers who specialise in providing furniture and lighting to the hospitality industry. All of the finishes and colours offered are at the cutting edge of the European contemporary furniture and lighting design arena.

Contract Quality

All of our furniture and lighting is constructed using 'Contract Quality' materials. The glass on our tables is tempered, the polycarbonate on our chairs is scratch-resistant. The technopolymer in our outdoor furniture is recyclable and won't fade in sunlight. We use Long-Life fabrics and Magic Eco-leathers, where specified, on our upholstered chairs. All of our furniture and lighting conforms to the current European Safety Regulations.

Our Partners

We work closely with our partner Italian manufacturers and update our site constantly to ensure that we are offering their latest designs, materials, colours and finishes. We are the official stockists for Scab, Pedrali and Midj.

The Designers

All of our pieces have been beautifully designed by the best furniture and lighting designers and design teams in the world. Every year new pieces are commissioned and designed to create stunning, new contemporary and functional products and design concepts. The designers include; Luisa Battaglia for the Zebra Chair Collection. Arter&Citton for the Alice Chair Collection, Jacopo Giagnoni for the Italia Chair and Italia Table Collection. Pio&Tito Toso for the Ikon Table, Paolo Vernier for the Brioso Table and Nathalie Santin for the Marilyn Chair Collection.

Made & Designed in Europe

All of our pieces are original designs created by professional designers. We support the furniture and lighting design industry who strive to create genuine and authentic pieces. We do not sell copies, imitations, reproductions or pieces that are 'in the style of...'

We want to protect the future of contemporary
furniture and lighting design.
It is essential to our business ideal
that all of our pieces are designed, sourced and made by bona fide designers and producers.